Friday, January 7, 2011



  The tree is down , the wreaths are removed  and have taken back all the gifts that didn't fit or smell good.
Sitting in my recently cleaned  living room reflecting on the hussel and bussel of all the holidays.
Hoping all of my family enjoyed the love and cooking and all the times we spent together.So much work goes into the preparations of  planning special moments this time of year... when its all said and done , we feel relieved to be able to sit down and relax.
  Then reality starts to set in...GEZZ!  Whats next? The winter time blues start to set in.
 Dont get down , this is the best time to start a new project! Now that we have put away all the Christmas decorations and cleaned up all the mess..sure take a breather. Then get your notebook out, sit down look around....A great time to declutter ! Maybe move some furniture around...move pieces from one room to another. A  little rearranging can do wonders for you after the Christmas blues. A great time to get a jump on some pre-spring cleaning.

Lets face it , it might not be so much fun but you will be so glad you did...write a list of things that have been a thorn in your side . Room by room, look around , some rooms you cant even move around in because you haven't found a place for things . Get a few trash bags and get started! IF YOU HAVEN'T  USED IT IN A YEAR YOU PROBABLY WONT. Put it in a bag for sharing with others.
 Look under your beds , in your and drawers , closets  and start's so liberating!!  Somethings you say to yourself...well I might need it...well then, put it in a box , label it and put it in the garage...attic or closet and write it down in your book of  "where did I put that!" Sounds funny but really a great idea! How many times have you said to yourself : where did I put that or who did I loan that to...This is really a great tool!

Move some furniture around , change your pillows on the sofa and maybe that new throw you got for Christmas toss it over the corner of that old sofa or chair. Put down new candles on your tables move some pictures around. Use furniture for new uses. Some of the simplest things can really up lift your rooms as well as your mood.

 Please  write me with any questions on how to brighten your rooms and lift your spirits or organizing a space. Would love to hear from you!
 God Bless you in your New Year!