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Candi's Decorating on a Budget: Stencils,Plaster Molds,Decorating Ideas

Candi's Decorating on a Budget: I found this wonderful site...Let your imagination go wild...the most beautiful work!

Stencils,Plaster Molds,Decorating Ideas
To see Victoria Larsen's amazing work and to get great ideas click on  the link below. 

  Home Decor Stencils and Plaster Molds

Stencils,Plaster Molds,Decorating Ideas

Plaster Stencils

Plaster Life-sized Sapling Tree Stencil

 (Click Photos to Enlarge)

This super easy stencil set creates delicate, thin little trees that add soft beauty to your walls. Use just one to brighten a drab corner or create an entire wall of them.Use plaster or just paint and stencil these trees as tall as you wish! Simply repeat the trunk stencil to within about 2 feet of the desired height, add the trunk top stencil and then start adding stenciled side branches and leaves to create a life-sized sapling that will add cheer to any space.
How did I create that cool background? I simply painted the surface golden yellow, plastered the trunks and side branches only and then once they were dry, I mixed brown paint with a little translucent wall glaze and using an artists brush, traced the sides of the tree skeleton then softened with a sponge to blend slightly in to the background color. It was easy and added depth to the design with a shadowed appearance behind each tree.
I then continued to add more side branches and leafy branches. This method can be done with any wall color you choose as your background.
Notice that one tree was created to appear farther back than the two other trees. That is accomplished by simply beginning that tree farther up the wall. It will appear to be a few feet "behind" the other trees.
The trees as shown are right around 6 feet tall. This is a fabulous tree design to do above wainscoting or chair rail molding in a room or group 3-5 trees in a corner and then light them up with canister lighting from the floor. Awesome!
Want color in your trees? Remember that joint compound can be pre-tinted with any darkly colored craft paint. It saves the time of painting each part of your trees.

All of the stencils you need are included in this set:
 (Each stencil is a single stencil)
Repeatable trunk: 16 3/4" tall by 1 1/4" wide
Trunk Top: 19" tall x 11 1/2" at it's widest point
Long Side Branch: 16 1/4" tall x 1" wide
Small Side Branch: 10 3/4" tall by 1/2" wide
Leafy Branch: 14 1/2" tall by 9 1/4" wide
Leaf Sprig: 5"tall by 4 1/4" wide

Stencils,Plaster Molds,Decorating Ideas

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