Saturday, August 6, 2011

Candi's Decorating on a Budget: HomeGoods Garden page

Candi's Decorating on a Budget: HomeGoods Garden page: "Beautiful accessories yet simple, can change an outdoor space so easily . Cluster worn and new pots with vases on top of a textured throw f..."

Friday, August 5, 2011

HomeGoods Garden page

Beautiful accessories yet simple, can change an outdoor space so easily .
Cluster worn and new pots with vases on top of a textured throw for eye catching appeal. 
Layering it up against a back drop of shrubs or patio wall with a metal sundial  up above or
any ceramic or metal wall hanging will draw your eye up for a complete look.
Candi Mcgehee


Landscape ideas

I always get excited when I run across good design, not only in interiors but exteriors as well. I was out looking at a new home development and was interested in seeing any new  innovative design ideas. I was not disappointed. The landscaping was a highlight.

There are so many ways to bring interest and drama to a yard without having to spend a fortune. I saw these great geometric grass designs and had to share them. I like to say, “a room indoors or out, needs at least one big attention getter” so I loved how my attention was instantly aroused in these great outdoor spaces. These areas were like graphic organic rugs that anchored the seating or dining areas.

If you like these ideas and your yard is a blank canvas, start with a plan. List the functions of the space… dining, relaxation, outdoor cooking, play area etc. Divide the space up according to your needs. Plan a space to add in your geometric grass design for the most visual impact. If your yard is in, plan out an area that can be reworked into your existing landscape to give it a real updated, fresh look.

The “grass” in these designs is a faux grass, which is the perfect material to use for this application. You could use real grass, but with faux you don’t have to worry about watering, mowing, feeding etc.  Just make sure you get the most authentic looking grass you can buy that blends with the real grass in your yard.

The spaces you use don’t have to be large, but big enough to make a statement and anchor your furnishings nicely. Space planning is a must to get the proportions right and everything square, but it’s not hard to plan it on graph paper after measuring the space first. Then work from your plans.

Draw a few designs out on graph paper of your yard, then try a few ideas that fit the space. If you want a simple design, start with a “rug” shape (see below). Square or rectangle to fit your table or seating area, just like a rug size indoors. If you’re more adventurous, go for a checkerboard, stripe, lattice, Greek key or any geometric shape.

I hope you like these yards as much as I do. When I run into something that makes me stop and take notice, I have to know more about it and why it works so well at capturing my attention.
Have a great rest of the summer. It’s not too late to add  a little “geometry class” to your yard. What do you think? Do you like this look? Love to hear!!

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Geometry Adds Up To Great Yard Design