These pictures I got off the internet, very inspiring. If shade is your desire an arbor whether connected to your house or out in the middle of your yard is a inexpensive way to add real drama to your back yard. Surround it with a few evergreens, potted plants and perennials. What ever you have time to take care of.
For me, I want simple yet defining.Lots of dark green plants that have height and texture with smaller pops of color in front .                                                             
Don't forget to share perennials with your friends after a few years.You can break them up easily.Bulbs are great for that.Choose ones that will hang around till the fall that's what I call getting more bang for your buck 

Stone doesn't have to be expensive.I used to get mine free on camping trips . Look for old dried up river beds.You would not believe what you can fine. Lowe's also has kits for making path way stones. Just buy some Quickcrete, have a few buckets mix it up and scoop it in the mold. Wow in a afternoon you can have a beautiful walkway or patio nook.They even have tint you can add to the mix for added color, it is so cool!

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